Innacurate Airport Info

I was looking at the based-aircraft info in the airport profile for KAPA (which is a great new feature, all in-house airport data!) and found it quite incorrect.

The page says that there are no Jets based at APA Centennial, the nation’s 2nd busiest GA Airport. I know for a fact that there are at least 12 jets based at this airport, if we define based to be hangared there when not in operation and operated out of this airport. I realize that the source for that data is shaky, and thought perhaps the location of registration of the aircraft, which would make a little sense. This field is perhaps drawing on a difficult-to-keep-accurate database somewhere?
Anyway, that field got my attention as it is my local airport and I have contacts with those planes. Just interested in what this info is based on and what this field really means.

Also, I find it hard to believe that there are 79 helos based here, though this is where most of those in the metro Denver Area are based. Still-- 79 helicopters? There’s nowhere near that amount of helo activity in Denver, we’re not New York!

Great new page design, by the way!!

These numbers are probably pulled from the FAA Airports database. The numbers are those reported by the airports authorities.

Well if the airport info is based on airport authorities (and FAA), my airport will likely never be correct for a few more years Lol. I know the town and airport manager and well we now buy most of our fuel elsewhere Lol.

Interesting. I tried several major airports in my area: GSO, INT, RDU and CLT and all showed 0 jet aircraft based there.

Theres obviously a glitch in the database on the number of based aircraft, at least when compared with AIRNAV. The number of based jets is being reported as helicopters, and possibly a few other things being offset and being reported under the wrong heading.

Until FA gets them fixed you can also get airport information from AIRNAV.

You will probably notice that these figure ARE inflated in some cases. They are provided to the FAA by airport management, so there is some incentive to pad the numbers a little bit, but at the same time, they can’t get caught in a lie if the FAA audits.

Our data on aircraft based at the airport is from the FAA’s airport information database rather than based on aircraft registration or IFR operations that we observe.

However, a couple fields were switched (which explains the confusion) and it’s fixed now – sorry for the mistake.