Airport activity map


In an Airport Activity map an interesting bit of data would be to add the number of planes on that map at that time. Separating the flights in the vicinity from the flights to/from that particular airport would be nice also. It would lend to a quick comparison between airports, for example, and save the trouble of having to “hand count” them when this information is wanted.

This wouldn’t seem (to the untrained at least) to be that big of a deal since on the home page much more information than I’m suggesting is in place at the bottom of that map. That same format and type information would be nice, particular to and on the Airport Activity map also.

Thanks and God bless.


If you hit the nationwide link in the top corner just under the radar, it will show you the flights coming in and out of the airport…


Boeing7475500 it sure does, and I thank you. It is when clicking on that map to get it into a new window enlarged, that I thought similar information would be nice in the perimeter of that map some place. Thanks so much though, that’s a big help. Have a good day and God bless.


I think I get it. For instance at the bottom it might say Inbound A/C: 12, Outbound A/C: 8, transients: 31. ? Like that?
Similar suggestion someone posted before was to have other airports on the map, as well as listing more detail for nearby airports, like including MDW in the ORD map and various other airports near LAX. All good ideas.


cfijames there you go. That’s exactly what I had in mind, the Inbound and Outbound data. Thanks.


See JHEM, you son is smarter than you look!


Aw, shucks. :blush:


As long as he isn’t smarter than I think I am! :wink:


Yeah, that would be cool. I like listening to the ATC via internet then trying to find the flight on the Scheduled Departures/Arrivals page on the airports info page. Here is the link for the online ATC… It’s the same one that was posted earlier.