Using "Flights" screen

Still can’t do anything with the app if I try to log in with my account. (iPad2 9.1, iPhone 4S 9.1 and iPhone 5s 9.1).

Works when not signed in.

Playing with airports and looking at dept, sched., arr., en route. nice feel to the screen. One thing that I would suggest is after clicking on a specific scheduled departure (in my case out of KDEN), going back, using the “< KDEN” at the top, brings you to the static KDEN page (two “steps” back) instead of back to the scheduled departure page (with options at top for departures, et al). This is the same for all options which means that if I want to check multiple departures (or any of the options) I have to go to the “Plane” icon at the bottom each time.

Can you confirm that you’re running version 5.0 (43)?

Currently on 5.0 (43) across all devices. Just checked to log in this morning. Sign in seems stable on all devices now. When I tested it was prior to (43) download.

On iPad, with KDEN as airport chosen, could manipulate “flights” tabs, but map was frozen. Could not scale map, highlight aircraft. It will update. If I choose specific flight from KDEN departure menu, I can manipulate the map (scale, etc.). On iPhone, can manipulate all maps–for airport and for specific flight. Map on phone is smallish at bottom and crowded with the four buttons.

There were some database migration issues in the earlier beta versions, so those may have corrupted the local database and are causing the maps to freeze while looking up all of the visible airports on the map.

Try uninstalling our app, and reinstalling the current beta fresh from TestFlight.

(Or if you want to help test the migration process, uninstall, reinstall the production version from the iTunes Store and use it for a bit, then install on top the beta from TestFlight.)

I can do either. Which works best for your research and/or needs?

The second scenario (upgrading from the production app) would provide a better test for us.