What I have found so far


Top left where the settings gear, logo, and back button are sometimes disappear and remain disappeared in all screens and sometimes come back, usually have to fully close app.

Map is slow and/or laggy when loading and moving.

Map is unresponsive when looking at arrival and departures for airports.

When editing Alert frequencies, the letters are not showing, looks to be the same for emails

App overall seems a little laggy at times.

Make the touch area to move the menu screen to the side bigger or just add a button to the bottom to put it away or pull it out.

For airports, have 4 sections like we do on the online version. Enroute/scheduled arrivals, Scheduled departures, Arrivals, Departures.

Be able to edit what the alerts are in the app.

These are just ideas, just stuff I think would work in the app.

iPad 4 iOS 9.1


We have plans to add an option/setting to let users toggle between 4 sections or 2 sections in the airport boards.

The other bugs we are looking at.


Just posting here instead of making a new topic,

  1. App crashes when searching for flight from airports that have no recent arrivals/departures. Tried several airports in gulf coast areas. Example: search–>65LA (shows no recent departures)–> pause then crash
  2. Had/have an issue when browsing airport delays, where there was no way to exit out of delays and return to previous screen (app was stuck on whatever airport that the airport delay search yielded). The only way to get out of it would be to restart the app. Seems to be sporadic. Haven’t found a particular set of inputs to duplicate the problem 100% of the time, but has occurred multiple times.
  3. Had the issue previously stated that app would crash when logged into flightaware account. Update 38 resolved the problem. Thanks.

iphone 5S
Flightaware 5.0 (38)


The lag-related issues with the map and delays view are due to an internal database migration issue that should be resolved in the next build. We’ll log the issue with the crash on airports with no recent departures, it should be fixed with the next build.


I also experience the airports with no recent arrivals/departures, tried 65LA

iPad 4 iOS 9.1


Also, for another suggestion. When you search an airport and click on it, it should open stright up to a page of what flights, probably arrivals would be the most helpful. And have the delays be on a button on the bottom.


2 thing i have noticed. First, after I added about 4 airports to track, all but one disapeared. I noticed this happend after I deleted one of the airports I no longer wanted to follow. Second, the weather does not state weather it is displaying F or C. Also would be nice to be able to easily switch between the two.


Just noticed, the none of the weather information has units.


Valid point. Currently they are always in Celsius, since that is what aviation uses (as derived from METAR reports). We’re planning on adding Fahrenheit option some time in the future though.


When under the landingVC.NearbyTitle I get three results showing the same planes for the distance.range.mid one under the other the lower and upper ranges have only one set of results


In street veiw, the left control area is unreadable due to the white background.