iPhione App issue

Seems after the upgrade to the new version, the maps do not appear when I look at airport activity. All I get is the blue background regardless if FA is on or off.


This will be fixed in the next release of the app, but that may not be for a few weeks. Sorry for the inconvenience.

When I add a aircraft Reg # it does not show up on my list. Even after logging out and back in or refreshing otherwise it still sais no aircraft added.
Checking back on the same Reg# it shows that I can remove the aircraft…so it has been added but does not show correctly.

The same happens when I add an airport.

If I repeat the same without being logged in it appears to work. That is until the app is closed.

Maybe another thing that can be looked at for the next version.


Not getting push notifications for My Aircraft after I upgraded to IOS5

Is there a time frame yet for the fixes to the iPhone app with iOS 5 / 5.01 yet?


We’re not aware of any iOS 5 issues with our app.

My aplogies - I should have been more clear -
Based on the posts initial posts above and acknloweged issues, which were first reported aith iOS 4, is there a fix coming for the issues in the first few posts?



IOS 5 issue with app- not getting push notifications. It worked before I upgraded, does not work now. Please help.


It also seems that when you view the local air traffic map and press the “FA Base” button the only thing that changes is the removale of the air tracks. I though this feature allowed you to also change the map view from all blue to street map–with air traffic.

Yes I was hoping to see the street map below the blue/nexrad/flight path also. I would be nice to see the flight path and radar without the blue layer sometimes. It is there because when I zoom in or out if flashed momentarily.

Hi Guys!
Just wondering if there is an update as to when these listed isues will be fixed?

Many Thanks!