USC Football Team Looking for an excuse...


SOUTH BEND, Ind. (AP) - The plane carrying USC’s football team to South Bend plummeted during a severe thunderstorm, forcing the pilot to abort his first landing attempt.

There were about 125 people, including 82 players, on the chartered flight Thursday night for the cross-country trip for Saturday’s game.
“That was terrifying,” fullback Stanley Havili told the Los Angeles Times. “I thought I was going to die.”

Some passengers were thrown from their seats by turbulence as lightning crackled around the storm-tossed plane, USC sports information director Tim Tessalone told The Associated Press on Friday. Safety Taylor Mays was screaming.

“It was a little bit of a roller coaster drop there for a minute,” Tessalone said. “We had some people fly out of some seats. Everybody is fine, but it was a frightening little dip there.”

The pilot aborted the approach and circled around the storm before landing without incident about 20 minutes later to the relief of the shaken team and the spouses of some staff members also on the flight, Tessalone said.

Defensive end Lawrence Jackson said he was going to see the team trainer because a Popsicle stick pierced the inside of his mouth during the drop.

“It wasn’t the worst flight I’ve ever been on,” quarterback John David Booty said. “But it was definitely the biggest drop.”


Some serious inconsistencies in the above.

IF the pilot was on final approach for landing, then the third paragraph should have never happened as during the approach phase, passengers are required to have seatbelts fastened. Even on the enroute, I can’t imagine the pilot not having the seat belt sign on if he or she is dancing among thunderstorms.

Something failed on this flight, whether it be the pilot didn’t do his procedures correctly or the passengers didn’t follow the instructions, but NOBODY should have been thrown from their seats in the flight described above.



The aviation ignorant media…Let me rephrase…The ignorant sensationalistic media at it once again… :unamused:


Having been on this team plane before (but fortunately not on this particular flight), I would say that the pilot likely turned on the seatbelt light appropriately but some passengers failed to comply. These charter flights can be a little ‘looser’ than a typical commercial flight.

This year’s USC team has enough problems without this. Hopefully this is not a sign that the prayers coming from the Golden Dome are working. Go Trojans!


Rumor has it that Pete Carroll arranged this to shake the team out of their doldrums after two lackluster games in a row, including a humiliating loss to Stanford - they beat ND 38-0, the biggest margin in the 79 year history of this rivalry.