ERAU Ravaged By Tornadoes! … 086-1.html

They say they are trying to be ready for classes restarting in January, but I wonder how ready they really will be. At least the storms didn’t disrupt the Jets game last night. :slight_smile:

Good thing no one was injured, though.

thats a big negative on starting classes in January - maintenance classes will …not… pilot classes just yet

Yeah. A major Aeronautical school suffers millions of dollars in damage, but at least we got to see a so-so team beat a crappy one on Monday Night Football. :confused: Obviously, you’re a Jets fan, Newark. (Just remember, my downright SHITTY Browns beat your Jets this year. :smiling_imp: )

Good thing no one was injured, though.

That IS a miracle, seeing as how the damage was spread somewhat across the state, and there was some pretty serious damage.

my downright SHITTY Browns beat your Jets this year

Why can’t you guys beat the “STEELERS” ??? At least you accept they are shitty!! Some of my fellow steeler fans still believe we are going to the playoffs :astonished: They are starting to sound like Tampa Bay fans

Not to go too far with this thread hijacking, but it’s just a shame that such a proud organization with such a rich past (and the international fan club with the most chapters of ANY major league sports team in the WORLD) as the Browns has been run into the ground ever since they “returned” to the NFL. They’ll be back, but it will take a major overhaul to do it…and an exorcism of the curse that plagues all of Cleveland sports. I could create a list if you really wanted me to of the freaky occurences or historical blunders that have sank many-a sports team in NE Ohio.

BTW: The Steelers still SUCK. They got lucky in the Super Bowl (the NFL wanted the dramatic storybook ending), and they’re showing that they’re almost as inconsistent as a team like the Browns. (We’re more consistent; just consistently BAD. :wink: )

Companies lose millions over natural disasters all the time, and with the amount they charge students, they’ll survive. You won’t catch me shedding a tear over it.

As for the Browns, maybe if the ref’s hadn’t made one of the biggest blunders of the season and disallowed the tying touchdown, we would have beat the pathetic Browns. And this so-so team beat the mighty Patriots and is about to go to the playoffs with a 10-6 record. :wink:

You are very consistent planeaholic!! I like that!! HAHA good thread hijack!! Now back to airplanes… GO STEELERS :laughing:

A forum will be started soon :

Any maintenance jobs for turbine powered aircraft in the PA,WV,VA,OH area? Job seeker for the future(2007)

I guess there weren’t any trailer parks nearby, so the twisters had to hit the next-best thing - AIRPLANE HANGARS! :smiling_imp:

Actually… it destroyed about 100 trailers before it got to the planes. This was one crafty tornado.

I’m sure insurance will have most of the damaged planes repaired or replaced in short order and the most structural damage was done to the administrative building so i can’t imagine it will delay classes very long.

You’re probably correct about insurance, although there’s always the possibility that ERAU was “self insured” for their basic hull coverage. But even if they had replacement cost hull coverage (a very, very remote possibility) the first problem they will face is where the replacements will come from.

It’s not as if this is the automobile industry where there are storage facilities overflowing with this year’s output, there are waiting lists of varying degrees for purchasing new aircraft of almost every type.

Given the fact that no underwriter is likely to give them new aircraft for old, they will need to find a great deal of funding in order to replace their losses.

Purchasing/leasing used aircraft with possibly unknown histories as replacements will raise almost insurmountable liability issues for ERAU.

Some of the perimeter fencing at DAB was also knocked down. I saw one of the antennas near the tower bent crooked the day afterwards.

Over at ERAU there was the damage on the field side of Clyde Morris, and also another building on the other side of the road had obvious damage.


When I saw the topic, “ERAU Ravaged by Tornadoes!”, I first wondered what city in Europe you guys were talking about. :laughing:

Yeah - I Googled “icao erau” which usually shows me information about what city the airport is in. I was puzzled for a few moments when I never saw any cities mentioned, but saw several hits bearing an “” Web domain. I went to page 2 of the search results and then saw what “erau” stands for spelled-out. And then I thought, “well… DUH!!!” :blush:

If you had gone to the link attached to the OP’s post…

About 60 airplanes were damaged or destroyed when tornadoes tore through the Daytona Beach, Fla., campus of **Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University **on Christmas Day. Two tornadoes with winds of about 120 mph tore a 100-foot-wide swath through the center of campus as a line of violent thunderstorms passed across the region. “The maintenance hangar was destroyed and there was damage to a high percentage of the fleet of planes,” said a statement posted Christmas night on ERAU’s Web site. "There is substantial damage to several buildings on campus, including the administration building, Spruance Hall, and the Student Center.

Yeah, yeah, yeah… hindsight is always 20/20. … 109-1.html

Not certain how I feel about publicly seeking funds for a for-profit corporation, i.e. Embry-Riddle.

Agreed, what vested interest does AvWeb have in ERAU? It’s one thing to solicit alumni for funds, but this is a slap in the face to many other schools.

From the Fast Facts section of the ERAU web page:

Embry-Riddle is an independent, nonsectarian, not-for-profit coeducational university serving culturally diverse students seeking careers in aviation, aerospace, engineering, and related fields.

Which simply means that they are mandated to spend any profits earned and don’t have stockholders nor pay dividends, all in order to protect their non-profit status.

They’re not a public (state owned) institution. They don’t serve a public function. They’re a private university.

Being a non-profit organization doesn’t carry any imprimatur of legitimacy by the government and automatically ennoble its efforts as beneficial to the public good.