US Airways Airbus Order


US Airways ordered seven more A321`s to their fleet.


Here’s a link to the story.


I heard 7 new 321 orders and 1 320 and 7 319 orders converted to 321. Where are they going to use these? IIRC a loaded 321 can’t make it transcon; we’ve seen plenty of JBU 320 diversions on transcons.


Yup, a pussified 757 with shorter range than even JBU’s 320s, heavier than a 739 (another a/c with better range), etc. Makes little sense to me. Unless I was dreaming, I just somewhere that US will be buying some used 752s from Boeing (which surprised the hell out of me when it happened, given their strained relationship). What an interesting series of events…


When US Airways gets their A350`s where would the fly them to?




Trans-Atlantic routes, for one. I would have to think they will be used to phase out their 762s, to start. Of course, with all the delays, redesigns, delivery issues, and so forth, they’ll probably be ready to retire their 330s by then! :smiling_imp:


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