UAL 919 1/6/05


Take a look at flight routing! Is this a mistake? Any ideas?


Yes, a problem with the handling of the EGLL flight, which is international.


Thank you, as I did not think an 320 could go non-stop transatlantic! An A310 could, but not a 320!


The A320 does have the range to go transatlantic. It could fly Bangor/Goose Bay/Gander to Iceland/Ireland/United Kingdom with no problem. I’m not sure if it would be able to do this with a full payload, though.

Now, is it ETOPS (Extended Twin Engine Operations*) certifed? That’s another story. Right off hand, I can’t thank of any operator using the A320 on flights that would require ETOPS certification.

*Also known as “Engines Turning or Pax Swimming”


They have to be delivered from Airbus somehow, they don’t just show up in the US. :wink:

Just off the top of my head, I can think of PrivatAir that flies the A319 from Germany to EWR, but this is not the standard A319, and certainly has much higher range than a normal A320.


Delivery flights don’t count. Besides, they bundle up a couple of A320’s and place them inside a 747F or AN-225 when they are sent stateside from Europe. :stuck_out_tongue:


Bulk aircraft shopping, like going to Costco for A320’s. :wink:

Speaking of delivery flights and overseas travel by smaller planes, here’s an interesting picture: