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The Airbus A321XLR

The time is coming for the A321XLR (eXra Long Range) to launch in 2023. This aircraft will have the longest range in all history of narrowbody aircraft, with 4,700NM - 4,900NM. The launch customer is MEA, Middle east airlines, with 4 on order, and the U.S Launch customer is American airlines, with 50 on order. Any of you exited for this aircraft to launch?

I would not have a long haul flight in a narrow body aircraft.

But that’s my personal opinion. Not because safety concerns but it offers less space for almost everything.

I wouldn’t really care. Widebodies are nice, spacious, you know, But the A321XLR Is impressive with its range. Airbus does a good job with its narrow bodies I’ll explain in another discussion, So I would have a long haul flight in an airbus narrow-bodied, but I wouldn’t have a transatlantic flight on the 737 Max, though. That’s just plain tough and uncomfortable.

Less space really comes with the 737 max, not with the A321neo, I think.

Technically it’s not bad, but four hours in a narrow body is enough for me. on this long distance you will need to find the right slot in the aisle to move.

A widebody is more flexible for that.
And yes, due to that i would also not do a long haul flight on a 737

I like the airspace cabin on the A321neo. Crossing the transatlantic the A321neo is good for a flight from JFK-LHR or DUB but not for a flight to CDG or ATH (Athens, Greece). The 787 or the A350, and maybe the A330neo is the best aircraft for all transatlantic flights though. I like the A321XLR Because you can go nonstop transatlantic to small cities, with low demand. The A321XLR is just impressive to me.
Dont fly Icelandair though, 737 Long Haul and 757. I guess they have the 767 too…

I’d do that distance on a single aisle. Can’t be any worse than LAX-SYD in coach in the back of an A380. That was BAD

It all depends where you sit.

My first flight LHR-LAX was in a 747 and we decided to take the last row with only 2 seats.
Bad idea, all people wanted to stay in the extra space behind us.

That was a lesson learned and we always check carefully the seats before doing the booking and reservation.

The flight in American’s 757 from HNL to LAX was a nightmare as well
I hate this “flying cigar”

The other flight ina Triple7 to BKK was wonderful

So we made experience either this or that way
However there is no “best aircraft”. It always depends on how the airlines have configured it.
Business class in A330/A340 of Lufthansa is not nice as well compared to other airlines.
I was flying on Etihad Business class in an A330
to China and it was perfect


Returns were all in same. You are right about where you sit. “Perception” on the 380 was just being “stacked like cord wood”. It just felt crowded. Glad I had the chance to fly it once.

Jim Anderson

The A321XLR I think has 17-18 in. in width, same as the A350. So I don’t really mind. I’ve never flown the 747 or A380, so I don’t know what its like. Foxhunter stated It all depends where you sit and that’s very true. I like airbus narrow-bodied flights a lot because of the width, but not all airbus narrowbodies are like that. the airline decides. The only, only issue with narrowbodies transatlantic are its slower. the 777 is faster than narrowbodies, and the A380 And 747 are faster than the 777, According to Sam Chui.

And yah, there is no best aircraft, Foxhunter.

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I once flew from PDX to AMS on a “long skinny” nonstop red eye flight. Had the equipment not been a narrow body I doubt nonstop would’ve been available out of PDX. My wife and I travel light and are of average stature so trying to sleep on a wide or narrow in coach would likely have made little difference. The nonstop aspect was a plus.

My wife and I are never ever doing long haul flights in Economy any longer. Especially not the red-eye flights.

That reminds me on a guy flying back from Hawaii to the mainland some years ago. He was sitting in front of us and that tall that his neck exceeded the height of the head rest.
It was a nightmare to see how he’s trying to sleep on that flight.