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Upintheair.json not displaying heytherewhatsthat coverage map

I have been trying to understand my coverage and was delighted to hear that there is a way to add the heytherewhatsthat line of sight polygon to the skyview map. I followed abcd567’s post Bake a Pi, step 8) and added the json file which I was able to auto-populate from my http heytherewhatsthat link. I restart, and still do not see the coverage polygon on the map. Cleared browser cache, tried other browsers.

I am running PiAware 4.0 dump1090-fa.

Anything I can check? I have verified the filename is correct and it has been populated with the same info that can be found via link in web browser.



Please Try this fix:

If you are using editor nano, press [Alt, Shift, 3] keys togather to display line numbers on left side.
Then press [ Ctrl Shift - ] keys and type 947, then press Enter key. The cursor will move to line 947
Insert [] inside the brackets of LineString() so that it becomes LineString([])



THANK YOU!!! It works now. I appreciate the quick reply.

Thanks for the pointer! I thought the support was simply discontinued.