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"Terrain-limit markers" stopped working?

Several years ago I added terrain-limit markers (following the well documented process to use heywhatsthat, creating upintheair.json and adding a few lines in script.js). This has been working ever since - up until the last few days!

Now, for some inexplicable reason, only the terrain limit markers are gone. The range rings are fine. Aircraft and trails are fine. I get the same results from several different browsers including firefox and safari.

Oddly… if I load the same page on my iPhone in safari, I see the terrain-limit markers! So they’re there!

I’ve rebooted the pi (which was showing an uptime of 470 odd days, load averages were fine, no sign of problems). This didn’t change anything either.

Does anyone know if anything changed, experienced the same thing, or have any ideas?

Edit: did some further digging. It’s (now) failing while executing this line:
var geom = new ol.geom.LineString();

The error console in my browser throws:
TypeError" e is undefined
setLayout SimpleGeometry.js:170
setCoordinates LineString.js:215
e LineString.js:69
initialize_map script.js:951


Yes, see these posts:

Perfect, thanks, that fixed it!