PiAware 3.6.2 and alkissack/Dump1090-OpenLayers3-html does not show speed nor altitude


Hi folks, i am using the Dump1090-OpenLayers3-html extension made by Allan Kissack on top of PiAware 3.6.2 and it does not show speed nor altitude data. PiAware without modification works just fine and displays these data, but as soon as the mod is installed it looses altitude and speed.

It happend straight after the upgrade to 3.6.2 so first blamed the upgrade and flashed a new card with fresh install and then applied the mod and it behaved exactly the same so I think something is not quite right with the OpenLayers3 mod.
Any ideas on how to fix the issue?

I am using Raspbian Stretch with PiAware add-on and everything is the latest revision.


Did you try Control+F5?


Yes, this was the first thing I tried clearing the browser cache and it had no effect.


Is this in the right hand panel? Do you get height if you hover over an aircraft?

I’ll see if I can try a pi on 3.6.2 here



Yes the data is missing in the right hand panel and also not showing when hovering over an aircraft and the permanent labels is missing the height and speed(?) as well.


I still think is cache related. Close the browser, re-open it, and in the browser settings, flush the cache.


I tried it on 3.6.2 altitude, speed, aircraft type (name) on right hand not working.
neither hover or click on a plane works.


I had the same problem 2 days ago when re-activating my second receiver, now with 3.6.2. I had to clear the cache a number of times, in addition to closing and opening the browser.


No, this is definitely not Browser or cache related as dump1090-fa shows speed and altitude with it original html folder and settings, but not with the OpenLayers3 html folder and settings.


Sorry, I thought the problem was with Skyview.


In planeobject.js amend procedure updateData thus…

// Update our data
PlaneObject.prototype.updateData = function(receiver_timestamp, data) {
	// Update all of our data
	this.messages	= data.messages;
        this.rssi       = data.rssi;
	this.last_message_time = receiver_timestamp - data.seen;
        if (typeof data.type !== "undefined")
                this.addrtype	= data.type;
                this.addrtype   = 'adsb_icao';

        if (typeof data.altitude !== "undefined")
		this.altitude	= data.altitude;
	        this.fl         = parseInt(this.altitude/100);
        if (typeof data.alt_baro !== "undefined")
		this.altitude	= data.alt_baro;
	        this.fl         = parseInt(this.altitude/100);

        if (typeof data.vert_rate !== "undefined")
		this.vert_rate	= data.vert_rate;

        if (typeof data.speed !== "undefined")
		this.speed	= data.speed;
        if (typeof data.gs !== "undefined")
		this.speed	= data.gs;

        if (typeof data.track !== "undefined")
                this.track	= data.track;

        if (typeof data.lat !== "undefined") {




Hey, cool stuff and many thanks. :+1:

Altitude and Speed are now shown again in the right hand panel and in the bubble when hovering over an aircraft and in the pop-up window when an aircraft has been selected/traced.

Only a minor thing is still missing the Vertical rate: is shown as n/a in the pop-up window, can this be fixed as well?

And are you going to update the repo on github as well for future installs?

Again many thanks for your efforts in providing this very usefull mod, your work is highly appreciated.


Thanks Jo, good spot (and yes I will update repository soon)

if (typeof data.vert_rate !== "undefined")
	this.vert_rate	= data.vert_rate;
else {
	if (typeof data.geom_rate !== "undefined")
		this.vert_rate	= data.geom_rate;


Awesome, everything works and is shown correctly. :+1:

Thank you very much indeed for making this very usefull mod and very quick response.