Dump not showing altitude colours?


Hi all,
I just updated my PiAware and when I go to the PiAware Skyview on my local machine the aircraft are just showing in grey and not in a colour representing their altitude. I was wondering if anyone has run into this issue/is there a fix?

The altitude colour chart is showing, but the aircraft are not in colour.


SkyView after Update to 3.6.2

Yeah I have noticed that too. Found that if I go to “your rpi ip address”/dump1090-fa/#extended it works.


I fixed it with CTRL + f5


Yep, this means your browser has the old javascript cached; force a refresh or clear your browser cache.


Thank you! The forced refresh (CTRL + F5) worked :).


Oh My Days!

bangs head on the desk

I tried everything other than Crtl F5.

Works now, thanks. :slight_smile: