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Updated PiAware Skyview, No altitude or speed display


Hello everyone,
I’ve just updated to the Skyview map and it is not displaying any altitude or speed data. I have done as I have read on many other discussion posts and already cleared the cache many times, and have ctrl+f5-ed the crap out of it. Does anyone else have any other ideas?


This problem occured because you are using dump1090-mutability ver 1.15~dev, with GUI of dump1090-fa ver 3.6.3.

The solution is to use GUI of dump1090-fa ver 3.5.3 - Click Here to see details


Or just use dump1090-fa in the current version.

If you are using the gui of dump1090-fa i don’t quite see the reason for using the old dump1090-mutability?

If you were using the mutability gui i could understand using dump1090-fa 3.5.3 but the other way around i really can’t sea reason.