All aircraft appear without altitude info


I’ve been using piaware for almost a year now, but today all of the altitude info from my station disappeared. Have tried rebooting, updating software, etc. No luck. Huge number of a/c displayed with positions, but no Mode C. Is this a software issue? Flightaware stick? Antenna?

Raspberry Pi 3
Flightaware pro stock plus
PiAware (SD Card) 3.6.2
All green lights on splashpage


Try clearing your browser cache, maybe it is the same issue as in this thread…


I think you’re right – works ok in IE. Didn’t think of that, must be a browser issue. Thank you!


I had the same problem this afternoon after upgrading but found no obvious posts on the subject at the time. I just started to write a new post then noticed this thread! Clearing cache worked for me also!