Show "ground" airplanes


Hi, I just turned on my PiAware again. I saw multiple airplanes with the altitude as “ground”. Then they just randomly disappeared. I did not see an option for them in the settings. Is this a glitch? Or is it supposed to work?


It sounds like you briefly received TIS-B data. This is data broadcast from a ground station to aircraft and is only sent when needed (so it appears to come and go randomly). PiAware 3.5.1 will fix a bug so that this data is highlighted in a different color in the data table.


Ok. Any estimated release of 3.5.1?


If you have an SD card install, the software is already technically available. You can initiate the upgrade from your My ADS-B page (use the Upgrade PiAware option via the settings gear icon). If you have a package install, you need the latest dump1090-fa (not sure if this is available via the My ADS-B upgrade option yet) to get the newest Skyview.