Show "ground" airplanes

Hi, I just turned on my PiAware again. I saw multiple airplanes with the altitude as “ground”. Then they just randomly disappeared. I did not see an option for them in the settings. Is this a glitch? Or is it supposed to work?

It sounds like you briefly received TIS-B data. This is data broadcast from a ground station to aircraft and is only sent when needed (so it appears to come and go randomly). PiAware 3.5.1 will fix a bug so that this data is highlighted in a different color in the data table.

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Ok. Any estimated release of 3.5.1?

If you have an SD card install, the software is already technically available. You can initiate the upgrade from your My ADS-B page (use the Upgrade PiAware option via the settings gear icon). If you have a package install, you need the latest dump1090-fa (not sure if this is available via the My ADS-B upgrade option yet) to get the newest Skyview.

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