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Upgrading to a Raspberry Pi 2

Hi Folks.

I’m currently running piaware on a Raspberry Pi B+ and since the upgrade to v5, its reporting that my CPU is running at 100% and I should consider upgrading to a Pi2.

That I can do - can even upgrade to a Pi3 or a Pi 4 but my query is, As I have a Pi 2 sitting doing nothing, is it just a simple case of swapping the card over to the new Pi or do I have to reconfigure anything?



Swapping the card over should work without issues (so far between all RPi models as far as i know … and if the system is current enough to “know” about the generation you’re putting it in).

There are changes under way for dump1090-fa to reduce CPU load for single core systems but those updates are not yet out.

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Yesterday I made an upgrade from am RasPi 2B to a RasPi 3B.
I changed only the board and left the rest (SD, SSD and network) unchanged.
It booted, but some programs didn’t start correctly.
After a “sudo apt update” and a “sudo apt upgrade” all worked well, it seemed that some files had to be adjusted, but they did it very fine.
And yes, the difference between these RasPis is bigger than I expected.

3B or 3B+?
If you were running on old OS, then that would explain it.

It is not an old OS, but a lot of work for an old RasPi: 8 different ADSB feeders + 2 weather station feeders + CUPS + PiHole.
It runs on a SSD with PiDrive Community Foundation Edition, but the mSATA-SSD in a small case became very warm, sometimes hot in a cabinet with low ventilation.
When I replaced the RasPi 2B+ with a RasPi 3B+ I also mounted a heat sink to the SSD, this lowered the temperature by about 30° C and I think this will prevent slowdowns for the OS.