Piaware upgrade from Raspberry Pi 2B to Raspberry Pi 3


Hi guys,

I just spent the afternoon on my Antenna mast and installed the FlightAware Antenna, the results are amazing !

However, some closer to the Antenna flights sometimes disappear and I was wondering if my " old " Pi2B was not under too much load due to the new data being fed as such a huge rate.

Would moving to a Pi3 really help to compute " faster " and miss less flights ?

What would be the process to move a perfectely working Pi2 setup to a Pi3 ?

Thanks a lot !


i run pi2 without any issue cpu-wise up to 300-350 aicrafts in parallel and mlat active. so i think a new pi isn’t necessary :slight_smile:

p.s. the close to antenna aircraft problem looks more like to have a too high gain setting and higher gain antennas are more blind overhead than those with low gain.


Hi TomMuc,

Yes indeed, I did a monitorinbg using the " top " command and saw that my Pi2 is only using about 40/45 % CPU and there is plenty free RAM.