Pi3 vs Pi - Better Data? More planes and positions?


My regular ole Pi is running just about at max, around 90-100% all the time. Feeding data to FA and “others”. Would an Pi3 give me better numbers overall? I have FA antenna on the roof, Prostick, all seems to work well. Always looking for more blood from the stone.

  • Anomaly report for PiAware feeder with a MAC address of xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:
    CPU load of 90% is fairly high. You might consider running fewer programs on your Pi, or upgrading your Pi to a faster version such as the Pi 2.



It would definitely help out the system. I would also get the sma filter as well if you don’t have it already.


I have the FA filter. With it on, I lose 10-15% message rate.

I’ll order the Pi3. I want to recycle the old to weather station use (Cumulus).