New Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W

Whilst the Pi Zero has always been fine for running an ADS-B tuner it has been lacking if one wanted to run other extras on the device. Various graphs and other add ons such as VRS would cause it to struggle.

Maybe the new Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W is the answer, supposedly comparable to a Pi 3B it packs a quad core processor. My own 3B has no over heating issues so doubt the new Zero would have either.

Around half the cost of a conventional Pi too. Onboard RAM is limited to 512MB so this could cause an issue but maybe a swap file would overcome this, if indeed it is an issue.

I do have a Pi 1 with a mere 256MB of RAM that is capable of running a desktop with virtual-VNC. Only loaded to facilitate setting up something for which a Desktop made the task simple. The Desktop Manager and VNC Server are not running on startup and are started using systemctl if and when required.


Beyond having more cores, each core is more modern (armv8) too so you should get a decent speed boost there. dump1090 itself will benefit from having Neon available.

(now if only they’d given it a sensible name)

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Saw the email alert for this when I got up this morning. I thought about it and not one of the Pi Zeros I currently use at home would benefit from this, they all work perfectly well and are fast enough for the task.

A Pi 5 would be nice.


Current PiAware installation SD will not boot on new Zero 2. Just tried using original and new installations. It seems a update of piaware may be needed.

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That is very odd, wonder why that might be. Was the original an old version, Jessie or Stretch? Though not sure what difference that should have made.


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It is the PiAware 6/6.1 image that will not boot on the new Zero 2. The latest vanilla version of Raspbery Pi OS (“buster” or whatever it is these days) is fine.

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