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Updated Windows Phone app

Can you tell me if there is an application update forecast for Windows Phone?

Microsoft has an application portability project, I would like you to give a look.


Sorry for bad english.

At this time we do not have plans to update the Windows Phone application, however we will keep it in mind if the market demand changes in the future.

I think that if the application does not have quality, there will be no demand.

I am forced to use the Flightradar24 application to have a higher quality

Unfortunately, the market share of Windows Phone devices has remained small… less than 3% according to this: idc.com/prodserv/smartphone … -share.jsp

And just a couple of more related news articles…

“Windows Phone is becoming an increasingly unattractive proposition in the eyes of smartphone buyers. The tiled operating system dropped to 1.7 percent market share in the third quarter of the year, thanks to extremely weak sales of Lumia devices.” betanews.com/2015/11/18/windows- … -freefall/

“Microsoft confirmed this weekend that it has delayed, if not killed entirely, Astoria, a tool designed to make it easy for Android apps to run on Windows 10 phones and tablets” networkworld.com/article/300 … mplex.html

I did not mean it, but unfortunately I have to agree with you.

If this keeps up, I will have to migrate to Android, unfortunately.

But still, thanks for answers.

Sorry bad english.

Project Astoria (porting Android to WP) might be dead - but Project Islandwood which ports IOS apps to WP is working. Please reconsider porting this app from your IOS to WP. Especially if all it takes is a simple button click or some minimal debugging.


Just remember 1.7% may seem like a small number, but 1.7% of 1.8billion smartphone users worldwide is still 31.6 **million **people!

statista.com/statistics/3306 … worldwide/


Although that looks very promising, the current Windows Bridge for iOS is only for applications written in Objective C and unfortunately our iOS app is actually almost entirely in Swift, which is still not supported at all:

Also the current roadmap shows that a lot of core functionality in it is still very incomplete:

In particular, we use the AFNetworking SDK which is also listed without a checkmark next to it yet. I suspect there will also be a few other unlisted areas that we’ll encounter problems with, such as our tight integration with Apple Maps SDK.

Additionally, I expect that Apple specific services may never be automatically supportable through their bridge. For example, Apple Push Notifications are used by the app to deliver flight alerts and are specific to their backend server interface. In-app purchasing to allow ad-removal is also going to be very Apple-specific. Both of those would probably need some Windows-specific reimplementation by us for them to work.

I too would like to see at least the flight alerts ported to Windows Phone. After all, that is what I have with me at the airport. I really don’t want to have to switch to Android, which would mean Google would know every flight I take, or the iPhone, which is ridiculously overpriced.