Pocket PC Application


How about an application to run on windows mobile (5 or 6) that allows you to log in to your account and see the “My FlightAware” information using an app instead of a web browser?


Yeah, when will there be a FlightAware iPhone widget?


The word widget makes me cringe based on prior discussions :smiley:

discussions.flightaware.com/view … ht=widgets

(who is all for widgets and gadgets, no matter what platform)


Ok, let me re-phrase for the more sensitive types.

When can we expect a third-party FlightAware application for the iPhone.



I was ok with it all along :smiley:

Thought the link would be clear why I “cringed” with the smile behind my first sentence.



I gotcha. By sensitive types of was referring to certain unnamed FA member(s) who tend to get their feathers ruffled.


For now we’re focusing on platform-neutral web interfaces instead of platform-specific apps.