Motorola Droid App

I have been using the Motorola Droid for and its pretty cool however I would like to see a app similar to the iphone for the Droid. Couldn’t find anything about such a app in the Android market so I felt like posting about it here. The map on the Droid is limited in its ability to zoom around etc.

Anything in the works out there for Mobile Android OS systems?

I would like to second this suggestion! As a user of a droid phone an app would be lovely. This website is by far the best and a compatible app would make it go through the roof!

Please think about it!

p.s. Droid beats iPhone

I third second that or something… It’s not too bad just using the browser but a dedicated mobile app for android would be great.

I agree. I work in private aviation and an app like that would really make my life easier!

I concur, an Android application would be great…I work for a large Service Center and use the flight data daily (for arrivals) and an app would be great.

Another vote for a droid app

Yes…Another vote for a Droid app.

Ditto… Another vote for the Droid App…

The Droid will be around for a long time, and such an App would be excellent!

The iPhone app is not that great… Quite a bit of improvement/updating is necessary.

I just use the site through the iPhone browser because it is actually more functional.


If you had left out the word “app” you would have had an excellent sentence. Because of the iPhone, others of us who chose to not use an Apple product are hurting. All the iPhone users out there are slowing down the AT&T network!

Side note…

The Opera browser for the iPhone is MUCH better than Safari (IMHO)

Another browser to consider (99 cents) I use is called Perfect Browser. Haven’t mucked around with Opera, but Perfect Browser has tabs just like I see in Firefox on the desktop. Best part is that it has many display options including full screen.

Android App would be awsome. Something better would be a Web Service then anyone could write app’s for FlightAware and include flightaware data in other applications.

If I understand your thoughts, doesn’t fit what you describe?

Ahh you are right wasn’t aware of that. Doesn’t look like a good idea though based on the costs but that’s the right idea.

I would love to see a FlightAware app for the Droid. One function that I can’t seem to get to work on the website is the “view aiport activity.” I can get the map to come up, but it’s not clickable and only a few select flights have details. I’d love to be able to look up which flights are overhead when I’m out and about. Anyone have any luck with any of the Droid browsers? I’ve tried quite a few, but they all have the same issues (with the mobile version of the website and the “normal” version as well).


Just adding my support for an Android app please.

I, umm, 18th this. It would look good on my EVO.

One more voice in support of an Android app here :slight_smile: