The Android App Thread


Is anyone doing an Android app?


I second the motion for a android flightaware app… even pay for it… not much but I would pay for it… everything out there now is crap… Flightaware rocks


Would LOVE to see a dedicated FA app for my Droid!


Yes, an Android Flight Aware app would be great! I hope someone is working on it…


Tabs, how do you like the Droid? Thinking of getting the “Incredible” when it comes out April 29th.


Bugsmasher9 I was wondering why you are thinking about getting the Incredible over the Moto Droid.

I’m looking to get either one but looking for input.

Also I would love to have a Android FlightAware App also.


I got the HTC Evo a couple of weeks ago. BIG SCREEN is wonderful, and in areas where 4G is available it is REALLY fast. Biggest screen, fastest processor, etc… MORE POWER.

You do have to do some simple tweaks to make the battery last a decent amount of time.

Would LOVE to see Flight Aware available for the Android platform.

And if you havent discoverd it…DropBox is SERIOUSLY the easiest way to get files to/from your smartphone (any smartphone.not just Android) and your desktop. Get free 2GB here (and I need the referral points!)
[no referral spam]


Please flight aware go Droid.


Hi, FlightAware:
Android is hot and getting hotter. Please provide an Android Market app for FlightAware ASAP . . . please?
Thanks in advance!


I would also LOVE to have a FlightAware Android app.

Any news on this?


If you can make one for Iphone you can put one together and nake it better for Droid users. I would even pay for it.


Would love to see this app


Got my Droid X last week, would love to have a FA app :slight_smile:


I’ve been using FA site on my Droid Incredible and up until the other day the airport maps were working fine. Now I just get a “?” where the map used to be. Anyone else have this work and then not work? I would be interested in an ap as well although if the FA site would work the way it used to I’m not sure I see a need.


I thought I would condense the numerous requests for android apps into one thread. I will post the links to current requests, and please make all new requests here.

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Again, please put all new requests for an Android app here.

For the Record, I think a FlightAware app would look nice on my EVO.


Just bought a droidX

Would love an app.


I would welcome an android app and would be willing to pay for it. Have not been completely satisfied with what is currently available.


Just received my Droid Incredible and would love to see an FA app for it.

In the interim I’ll make do with my Touch, but something soon would be appreciated.


For what it’s worth, I’d pay for a FlightAware Android app.


FlightView app for android out. Track by flight # or route. Also has map if aircraft is currently in the air. Has some quirks to it. I tracked some live flights it said it couldn’t locate. Something to mess with until FlightAware app comes out !