Driod App (like IPHONES)

Are there any plans to have a Droid app similar to the one for the IPHONE. I for one would really like to see one vs using the Droid Browser. Thanks in advance.

Sparkie :smiley:

Like to second this request. Any plans for an Android App?

Yes, why is there no application for Android.

200.000 android phones are sold EACH DAY world wide. You can’t afford not being there.

Why has there not been a response from Flightaware concerning this item. Not everyone has an iPhone.

Isn’t this the Feature Requests and Ideas Forums?

Somewhere (it was either on here or on their Facebook page) FlightAware recently said they were in the process of developing and app for phones other than the iPhone. There are so many different threads on the topic it would be a waste of time to reply to every single person or thread on the same thing.

From September 15th…

“Blackberry and Android App in the works…but we just released version 2.6 of our iPhone App with plenty of cool new features as well as bug fixes. Update or download now!”

One thing for sure, if they posted it on facebook and not put the word out here, shame on them.

Not everybody has facebook (like myself) :open_mouth: and surely an external website such as facebook shouldn’t be a primary means of communications when it comes to upgrade announcements.

We posted the iPhone update on the homepage (left side).

Other platforms are in the works, but they’re not ready yet.

I almost feel dumb asking this one Mark.


Ad block?

Active X is blocked at my location, could that be it?

I do see some ads but active X is blocked.

UPDATED, I think you nailed that Mark. Going back on the live site, I am not seeing any ads. (Twilight zone thinking I did).

I know in the past I did and I would have seen “active x content blocked” so y’all must have gone all active x for all ads???

None of our ads have ever used Active X; we wouldn’t be able to see them if they did.

Quite interesting… I am doing a side by side with my iPad and workstation.

I see all ads on the Ipad on the upper right corner and now of course that mysterious look on left instruction you gave for the Iphone App light bulb came on.

On the workstation absolutely every ad is blocked. There is no ad blocker within the browser that I can see (MSIE7 with Vista UHGGGG).

When I go into Flight planner, the animated hold is replaced by

Active content removed Active content removed
Expect further clearance in less than 60 seconds.

FlightAware is processing millions of calculations
for your flight plan matrix.

So, there is some type of active content within FA. (I might be misappropriating the name Active content with active X?)

In the past, I used to see this first line underlined above for some ads in the past and then other animated .gif ads, I was able to view?? But now everything is missing.

Must be an agency setting blocking ads because I went to CNN and USAToday and same thing, all ads are being blocked transparently.

Sooo, call me confused on the out of sight, out of mind syndrome :open_mouth:

Active content in IE refers to more than just ActiveX (which is a turd and general security hole) and includes widespread technologies like Javascript.

The flight planning animation is Flash which I guess is also considered active content.

It sounds like you’ve got some background or upstream ad blocking going on, degrading your internet experience.

Not trying to be a pest, but what does “in the works” mean in terms of a time frame? Is there an estimate for the launch date of the Android app?

Can we please keep all discussions of the Android app in one thread? discussions.flightaware.com/view … hp?t=12178