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Iphone Mobile App

I have been using the “new and improved” iphone app now for a few months. Frankly, I would be very pleased if you brought back an earlier version.

First off, the map is minimized with clutter, upper menus, drop down menus and lower page ads.
Second, where I only needed to press one button to get my local airport, now I have to navigate through the tools and gears section.
Third, the app itself runs remarkably slow on my iphone4. I realize you probably had to build it to meet the ios 6 and up standard but it’s horribly slow for the iphone 4.
Fourth, the general look and feel of the app is not very user friendly.

Just thought I would express my opinion. I would happily volunteer to be a test dummy for the next version.

I do not like the new version for the I Phone App as you:

  1. eliminated the Aircraft Type from the Arrived, Enroute, Departures, and
    Scheduled screens. You now have to open up each flight individually to see what aircraft
    type a flight is.
  2. eliminated the green, orange, and red indicators on the Arrived, Enroute,
    Departures, and Scheduled screens.

Remove the remove the English names of the departure and destination
cities and put the aircraft typ back where they were.

I also agree that the version before this one makes you open up too many screens to get to a particular airport’s information.