iPhone interface

I would love to see a web interface tailored to the iPhone or an actual iPhone/iPod application for FlightAware. For a nice web interface example, check out:


From an iPhone.


Second that. The iPhone finally is a useful handheld device.

I third that.

I use my iPhone regularly to view FA as well as ANY other website… That’s the great thing about it- there is no need for a special mobile site. Why would you need or want less than is currently available?

Take a look at Navmonster via your iPhone and you’ll see why a better interface for web is so much better than the standard web interface. But a dedicated iPhone app would be even better and easier to use.

Are you wanting an app for tracking or flight planning? If its tracking, FA is hard to beat! As for online planning, I like to use FltPlan.com. It works on my iPhone and also now comes as a free app. It’s a bit more cluttered than navmonster but had a few more features. ForeFlight has an app for iPhone which has many features as well as the distinction of being the most expensive app ever at $69.99.

I’d like to see a nice tracking app.

I would like to see a nice iPhone tracking app. I track my son’s flights so I know when the flight is late,etc. Knowing where the flight it by tracking it on a map lets me know when to leave for the airport to go pick him up.

Years ago I saw a flight tracking app that showed the flight on a map and the airpeed, altitude, direction, etc on gauges instead of just as text info.

The iPhone with Safari has at least allowed me to stop taking my laptop to the airport to track the flight.

The thing about this is that the iPhone / iPod Touch both work so well on displaying normally formatted websites that an app or specialized mobile site that worked on the iPhone / iPod Touch might be a bit redundant. “The real web” is what Steve Jobs is going for. Still, I’m already guaranteed to purchase and/or download a tracking app in the App Store should it appear.

When I try to type in the airline name on my iPhone, I don’t get a box to choose the airline from. It says that “I must select the correct airline name from the box below the search form.” …problem is, there is no box.

Anyone else having this issue? Solution?

It’s a problem. The box doesn’t appear because you probably have Popups blocked in Settings, but turning the block off just brings up a keyboard, not a dropbox. The field does not accept even a properly keyed name.

I’ve been able to get around this by selecting the destination airport & picking out the flight from the active list, but this is not very handy.

I’ve got it, the current version, 1.1. It is put out by the other big tracking site, FBOWeb. The map quality is poor - the lack of state lines makes it very difficult to pinpoint an aircraft’s position. It does have an interesting feature that might be good here - aircraft flying within a certain radius of your position - INCLUDING blocked aircraft, though they can’t be tracked.

I would love to see an FlightAware iPhone app and am willing to pay for it.

Count me in.



Yes i would love that SO Much :smiley: :smiley:

The Box is there, you just need to zoom out on the iPhone web browser, select the airline, then zoom back in. I thought is was missing also until I realized I was only viewing a small portion of the web page.

An app is now available.


I tired to download this app both via the app store and iTunes and neither is working. When you click on it it says that the app is no longer available. :frowning: