University of Oklahoma takes 747-400 out of OKC



Either a buttload of boosters/fans/staff went with them or they are really trying to impress Stoops so he doesn’t bolt for the Broncos (which I don’t think he will. He is a god in Oklahoma. Why ruin what he has so he can possibly be the latest in a long line of college head coach failures?)


Ca$h talks!


Very true, even with the $3 million he got on 1/1/09 from OU.


I bet some of those guys have a hard time fitting in coach seats.

The charter guys are doing well today from S. Florida to KOKC


Another LONG flight home for the victim for the Florida Gators!



GO GATORS. Yes, that was surely a loooooong flight home to Oklahoma.
Oh yeah, did I say, GO GATORS? I did? OK, I’ll say it again: GO GATORS. 8)