"United States of America" jet @ KMKC


curious about this one. thought the tail number was 60500 but that’s register is not even close.

any thoughts?


Please describe it more fully: number of engines, engines on wings or tail, wide or narrow body, etc.

Isn’t there an aviation museum at MKC? If so, this may be part of the collection.


More details would help what color,how big a jet,sounds like it maybe one of the US Government Jets they are blue and white and come in various sizes,they are used to move the President and other government Vips around.If it is you wont track it here for security reasons.


That would be Gulfstream G550 c/n 5152 06-0500 (60500)

Click Here photo of c/n 5152 as N652GA (currently 60500).


There is a aviation museum, though it is on the other side of the airport.

That previous post does indeed show the plane. there are several KC sites that could be the reason for the visit. Federal Reserve Bank as well as the IRS - actually where they are printing all of the stimulus checks. Perhaps a visit from the secretary of treasury?

thanks for everyone’s help!


Parked in the Executive Beechcraft parking this morning spotted at 8:20am this morning.


I believe that plane was used by Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO), who was in Kansas City on 02 July 08.


I see these United States of America Gulf Streams at KFTW almost on a weekly basis… any idea who vists Fort Worth that often???


Isn’t there a mint down there? For paper money?


There is a branch of the Bureau of Engraving in Ft. Worth. Along with the branch in DC, they are responsible for distributing paper money to Federal Reserve Banks around the country. Furthermore, Dallas has a Federal Reserve Bank.

BANKAIR flies from KMKC to KDAL http://flightaware.com/live/flight/BKA424 at least twice a day delivering checks to the FRB’s but they aren’t marked up like the USA jet in this thread.

The only connection I’ve been able to think of is that Secretary of Treasury Henry Paulsen might be making trips to the FRB’s or the IRS branches in Dallas or Ft. Worth.


Is the aircraft parked at a public FBO?
If so, it couldn’t hurt to stop in and ask who the aircraft transports. If its classified, oh well, you tried.


There are currently 40 Gulfstreams with military registrations in US service, and a handful of civilian registered Gulfstreams.

If you are seeing Gulfstreams on a regular basis at KFTW, note the tail numbers, and ‘we’ may be able to ID the purpose of the visit - based on where the aircraft is based, and what it is used for.

The bulk of the VIP Gulftreams operate out of Andrews;click here.

US Military fact sheet for Gulfstream III/C-20 and for the Gulfstream V/C-37.


Yes, they park on the ramp next to Texas Jet. I will just have to step inside and ask…



what are the callsigns for the USA planes?


Depends on the mission. Many of them use military call signs. There are a few civilian call signs. These are from the FAA Contractions handbook:

Air Mobility Command: Reach (the aircraft you see in the United States of America color scheme are probably operated by the AMC)
US Army Parachute Team: Golden Knights
US Marshall Service: Marshalair
United States Department of Justice Alien and Transportation Service: Justice


N652GA -

City SAVANNAH State GEORGIA Zip Code 31408-9643


Saw this plane parked at Sydney Australia today at Kingsford Smith Airport. Friday 1st August 2008


United States of America Jet 60500
Saw this plane parked at Sydney Australia today at Kingsford Smith Airport. Friday 1st August 2008.


Good spotting!!!

Guess it’s the middle of winter there!!!

Which is most likely nicer than my summer,
here in Toronto.

I have very close friends from Cronulla…
Wish I was there.