United 1708


Any explanation for the zig zag over Lake Travis? I posted on facebook, and one of my friends chimed in that Hippie Hollow is the blame. :slight_smile:

This is my first time using the flight take, so apologies if I didn’t do it right.


Looks like data from 2 sources and one wasn’t timestamped quite right.


That makes sense.


ADS-B data, apparently.

From the looks of it, anybody can participate if they have a receiver. Correct? I have a weather station, and we have similar issues. There is a QC process that is used to find errant data. Is there something similar in place for ADS-B data? If there is a problem like this found, should it be reported somewhere?


Now I question this explanation. The ADS-B data originates from the plane, right? So if the problem were a timestamp issue, I’d expect the path to retrace but cover the same path. That’s not what we see, though. Note the path shifts to the side in addition to retracing.

Do I misunderstand how ADS-B data works?


Perhaps a combination of expected and actual track?


The dotted line is the expected path, right? It’s further to the east of any portion of the zig zag.


What is Hippie Hollow?


Google is an amazing thing…