This Flight I don't know


I am tracking this flight:

Does anyone else noticed what I have in my graph? Advice is welcome as I am suspecting it’s my computer, but I doubt it. It has happened several times.


For me it is unclear what the problem is in this pictures?:thinking:


I have marked the areas that don’t look real with red pen


They are just tracking anomalies or bad data.


First part is estimated data (note the different color)
The spike is likely to be a mis-ordered position.


Ah,ok. :+1:t2:

I guess that is just missing data.

All the information comes from the network of flightfeeders, so I the planes is flying over areas where this network is not as dense, there is no data so the data points are just connected.

Also, so elf the data might be not properly decoded, therefore the slow speed outlier.


For how long should I expect them in my tracking environment.


If you look at this coverage map, there are very few feeders close to the departure airport and the first part of this flight, therefore there will always be data missing. It gets better close to the destination.


I’m kinda lazy to write, but I got lot’s of questions to ask, but I know somewhere somehow the questions I might want to ask would have been asked by someone else before. I hope someone will bear with me on this.
Now I have a suggestion to make to Admin(s).

Say we know so much about airplanes. We know the speeds, altitudes, flight paths, etc. We know about data manipulation, maps, ADBS feeders, flight feeders, etc. Now lets think of engineering every flight path- reverse engineering in cases where there is inconsistent or no data being fed from the Flight Feeders. Then there is some sort of consistence in graph patterns. Thinking like I can write down whatever I am imagining into source-code :smirk:.But say we have engineers who are already doing that. Where can that take us to, e better graphical sight.

Thank you


In the track log for that flight at 1:25:21 AEST (Australian eastern standard time) the speed is reported as 121kts whereas the plane is slowly increasing speed around 419kts.

It appears that there is an aberration in the data which seems to happen occasionally?

It appears that the data at that point is green so it was sourced and not estimated.