Unhappy campers in Philadelphia


cnn.com/2008/TRAVEL/01/24/ro … index.html speaks for itself :open_mouth:



I’d love to see a pic posted HERE!



Maybe JHEM will run over there and shoot it for us.



Somebody please tell me that that’s a picture of the garage roof and not the home’s roof as stated in the CNN story!


Based on the story on CNN, makes me wonder if it’s the same building?

Sounded like only one letter was missing out of the first word per the second paragraph of the CNN article.

Not that the reporter could mess up or anything :smiley:



Is that a target on his roof?


Thanks leardvr. I took the liberty of posting the story and photo in the other thread. Anybody know where to pinpoint the location on a map?


Looks like a double wide. If they don’t like the planes flying over, why don’t they just move that S%$# hole.



Well, they could just pack it all up in the single-wide out in the back yard and move out. :bulb:



That’s the guest house. They could have incorporated it into their protest. It could have hosted the exclamation point :exclamation:


Can you say JDAM.


Too much horsepower, M80 should bring the structure down :smiley:


You are right, liberma, why waste a perfectly good bomb when a firecracker will do.

Jet Noise - The sound of capitalism at work!




Yep that’s a sucky place to live.

I hate it when they build airports so close to my house. :unamused:

Looking around KPHL there’s some nice places to go watch airplanes. Never mind it’s not the nicest section of town


Sternone, The FAA just added question #601 to the written…

Fairmount Avenue was a nice section of town before:

  1. In 1937 they built an International airport 3 miles away with a Runway aimed right at 142 Fairmount
  2. They built I-95 and aimed it right at 142 Fairmount
  3. They built the Willow Park baseball field right behind 142 Fairmount
  4. Michael Hall and his girlfriend, Michaelene Buddy at 142 Fairmount moved their double wide and all the trash into the 'hood.


Yes, there are. Hog Island Rd has many places to stop and view airplane landing. It used to stop not far past the UPS terminal on the south side of the airport, and I used to walk down some old railroad tracks when they were landing on 9R (very rarely). They’d come in right over our heads. Very cool.


You da man, James! I’m puttin’ that address into my GPS for future reference :smiley:

Looks like they took the guest house out for a spin.


LOL. You gonna buzz 'em in the Concorde or 152? If you do it in the 152 they’ll call their neighbor and yell at them for mowing their lawn at dinner time.