Somewhere in the Radio Free Zone of West Virginia...


I found this plane to be singularly remarkable!,-80.05379&ll=38.240889,-80.053232&spn=0.001119,0.002631&num=1&t=k&z=19

Is there a scientific reason for the color shift in the ghost image to the north. I want to see what discussionthere is as to how this plane is in this location. Remember as pilots we should consider 3 dimensions.
Here is another piece of info - It is not present in the Bing maps view of the same area.
Note that it is on the other side of the river from Back Airport Road.


The RGB separation is common in satellite imagery since they’re taken separately.


Nothing remarkable here. The color shift is just an false processing artifact from the imagers 3 color RGB system.

Looking down from space the aircraft could be at any elevation from zero AGL to max cruise altitude. You can infer minimal information unless it’s inline with a nearby runway or actually at an airport. If I had to guess anything it appears to be en route to someplace like Pittsburgh or Toronto.
The Bing map you saw was imaged at a different time so why would you expect it to show the same moving object? Google, Bing and most other interactive maps generally don’t indicate what date/timeyour looking at. It could be over a year old. Comically people have been known to go outside and wave to the satellite as if its live video, while a friend is watching on a computer.

If you look at Yankee Stadium using Google Earth, use the history slider and go back to 11/24/2006. It looks like an MD-80 is
parked in the street outside the stadium, or is it a departure from LaGuardia? (yes, runway 31 standard route)

What I find interesting is how the public is always led to believe our airspace is overcrowded with airplanes practically touching wingtips, which is total BS. They are just tiny dust specks on very very big maps. Google and Bing offer a real world scaled representation of how much space each airplane actually has around it. I live in NYC and looked around my area. I found a few small planes on the Hudson, and only a few large ones. I suppose other were hard to see mixed in with buildings but they are not so big as to stand out. If you look at Live tracking like FlightAware, there might be many aircraft in the NYC area and it sure looks crowded because the cartoon like airplanes are made to appear as if the have multi mile wide wing spans at the default map scale. Of course they have to or we’d see nothing.
Keep up your observations, you’ll learn a lot.