Unable to access FlightAware

For the last few days, maybe 5 or so, I have had trouble connecting to the FlightAware.com website. This happens almost every time I try connect. I say “almost” because once or twice I have successfully connected.
When going to the URL, after waiting for around 30 seconds while the browser tries to connect, Chrome pops up a message (with a sad face emoji picture) : This site can’t be reached. The connection was reset. Try : Checking the connection. Checking the proxy and firewall. Running Windows Network Diagnostics. Followed by - ERR_CONNECTION_RESET with a “reload” button below.
On the few occasions that I did connect, if I was reading squawks and tried to go back to my stats page, it would have the same problem of not connecting.
I have the URL for my stats page saved as a bookmark, which always used to work. Now it doesn’t. I have lately been trying just the flightaware.com URL, but that also doesn’t work.
I have cleared my browser cache, but to no avail.
Any ideas? Or is flightaware simply down?

On the time you get the problem you can simply check using a different site like
Is it down? Check at Down for Everyone or Just Me

Then you can see if the site is really unavailable or if it’s only you.

Like this:

Thanks. It says it is just me. But I am only having this issue with flightaware, everything else is perfect. It just stopped suddenly one day, and nothing my side has changed. I have no idea what else to try.

There are a couple of things to be checked but it’s harder while not having the device in front of me.

Try a different device (if available) or a different browser on that device where it is not working just to eliminate any side effects

I’m having the same issues. Flightaware.com is the only thing that will not work and that is useing chrome and edge

I have exactly the same problem; chat request get answered that FA support is currently looking for troubleshooting. In my history problem appeared after Windows 10 updates Nov 12 - maybe Windows 11 will run better? Anyone else who can share experience about that?

I rarely use Windows/Edge on my dual-boot laptop, but tried it out as a test. When trying to connect to my Pi I also got an error page for about 30 seconds then it connected and worked fine afterwards to include the stats page and flightaware main site. Poking around the Edge settings I saw a new update was available so I forced that. Still works OK after that. It seems patch Tuesday had some unintended consequences for some.

FWIW my system is Windows 11 22H2, Edge version 107.0.1418.42

I’m having issues as well using safari on my iPhone. I often have to click links multiple times or refresh to get pages to load. Cleared cache/cookies and it did not help.

Are any of you in the southern California region? One of our network providers was having some issues there overnight.

I live in Southern CA and noticed I couldn’t get to my FlightAware stats page last night. Working ok now.

I am in South Africa

I am located in Germany, problem continues

Same here , kinda laggy slow respond , Ranking Database not loading allways , get Device error too says 14% of UDP data sent by Piaware not reaching Server (MLAT related).
btw . Located in Europe , Austria
Rpi3-Raspberry-Bullseye-Piaware 7.2
my Guess The Server infrastructure is maxed out on side of FA

Update : As I am still having this issue of being unable to connect to FA (desktop PC, Win 10 Pro, Chrome, all at latest versions) on my PC hard-wired to a fibre line, I tried on my Laptop (Win 10 Pro, Chrome, all latest versions) via WiFi. Still could not connect. So I then tried my mobile phone (Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G) with WiFi off and connecting via 5G. No luck. So all 3 of my devices, using different connection methods, are unable to access the FA network. My phone says “This site can’t be reached. The web page https www flightaware com is either offline or has moved to a new address.”

Needless to say, this has become frustrating as I can no longer access my stats page, read squawks, or look at photos. Hopefully somebody at FA Staff will look into this with urgency.

“The web page https www flightaware com is either offline or has moved to a new address”

Tried without www.
You may not get the redirect served correctly. But the correct URL lacks.

Does not work. I put the www in my previous post in error.

I too have the same issue. In UK.

Have tried Chrome/Edge and Firefox. What is odd, If I clear cookies etc the page loads fine and I can access squawks, but as soon as I login I have issues accessing squawks, live data and mystats etc. So it does seem server related.
The error I get is server reset connection.

I’m getting prc_reset_connection_errors now and then seems to be server related

As long as our feeders are feeding, doesn’t matter to FA. No need for us to access FA to see our stats, track flights, read squawks, see pics, comments, etc. They have been very quiet on this issue. Disappointing, really.

More than likely it is an issue with regional mirrors such as Cloudfare.
I’ve had no issues in Florida.