Ultralight Seaplane


I am college student attending the University of Miami. I have my PPL. unfortunately being a college student i never get the oportunity to fly being so far away from home. However i was considering taking up ultralight flying because it is more economic for my purposes. I have read online about the miami sea base X44. They have an operation that will train people to fly seaplane ultralights. I was wondering if this meets the requirements for a seaplane rating for a ppl. I am also wondering if anyone has any experience with this operator.


Ultralight flying does not satisfy the requirements for a seaplane rating.

That said, there is no hourly requirement for the seaplane rating. You could walk next door to Jack Brown’s seaplane base, get an hour or so in their cub, and take your checkride. Your experience in the ultralight will no doubt help your skills, but it won’t officially count for anything.


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