My first lesson is next week, Advice

Hello crew!

I am getting my first lesson next week and I am very excited. Upon completion (PPL), How easy is it to meet other pilots / create a friendship at the local FBO? What are the do’s and don’ts?
Also, we will be purchasing a low wing aircraft ( no cirrus!!), that will suit a new beginner, any advice?


Just like school, work & family, you will find pilots that will become friends - others will be in the category of acquaintance. You will find that most people in aviation; friend, acquaintance, experienced pilot & hanger rats will all be willing to lend you a hand or offer up advice when you need or ask for it.

In regard to your comment about Cirrus - comments like that make your aviation world a smaller place. My favorite low wing’s are G’s & Globals but I will always turn from them to spy a passing Tomahawk. I trust you can figure out why.

Best advice I can offer - be yourself & don’t be yourself… but always be sincere.

Congratulations and good luck. I hope you have a blast!

My advice-

Don’t ever let your instructor turn on the GPS- EVER.

Learn to aviate, navigate and communicate. Learn what it means to fly by the seat of your pants.

DON’T F***-up the landing! :smiley:

I am partial to Beechcraft product having owned a Sundowner for 10 years before selling.

From personal experiences, figure 100 hours of flying per year for break-even point comparing ownership vs renting.

Owning a plane nothing like owning a car. Boat runs a close second for costly investment. It is ever so worth it if you plan to fly 100 or more hours a year.

1, get the best instructor they have. they all cost the same, there is a difference!!! older is better. if you dont get along, change.

2, fly twice a week, schedule 3.

3, have you started studying yet? get going!!!

4, get a pilot mentor to help you thru. it will help.

i am listening, …