Seaplane Rating

Hi Folks…

I’m finally getting serious about getting my seaplane rating (thought about it a bunch of times in the past but never pulled the trigger). I’m not looking for another acronym to add to by certificate but rather a useful rating. I live in NH and this area (NH and ME) has some GREAT backwoods water destinations and a great float community. So I’m not considering a 2-3 day course but rather a more in depth training regime so I can do some of that pseudo bush flying I’ve always dreamt of.

I already have a list of schools, instructors etc int the area as well as many contacts to help me, but I was wondering if any experienced members here have any advice for me? I guess one question would be- how hard is it to find a floatplane for rent? I’m not ready to invest in a set of EDO’s for my Cherokee 180 quite yet! :smiley:

Any input would be appreciated… TIA Phantomjet.

this would give you everything you just mentioned.

It’s near to impossible to find a float plane to rent without time in that particular aircraft.

Son just got his float rating up by you at Twitchell’s.

Yep, Twitchell is actually high on my list! I know that they have 172’s for rent but like you said, how do you get the time to rent one? That’s partly why I’m going for an involved course in my area. Not that a course in the real bush of AK wouldn’t be a blast!!! Just not practical. :smiley:

I’ve got a couple of friends… One with a J4 on straight floats and one with a 206 on amphibs… neither one I would be comfortable “borrowing” as they so graciously offered.

Thanks for the input guys!

Maybe I’ll take the basic course to “get my feet wet” at this point and see where it takes me. :smiley:

Renting a SES is not without challenges. It is an insurance issue. There is a school in MN that does rent out for periods of time. They will put you through a rather extensive checkout. Also try Rich at Florida Seaplanes. He is pretty tied it. Happy flying.

Take a look at this website:

I received my rating here several years ago and was very impressed with the course and the instructor. Along with lake landings I also receieved instruction and experience with river landings.

Some of the most fun I have flying is off the water. After a long day of flying the flight levels it sure is nice to get my fishing pole and head to the airport. Within minutes I am on the water and awaiting dinner.

I wish you sucess with your rating.

Kenmore in Seattle (Kenmore, WA) has a reasonably priced training program ($1,595) and a Cubbie for rent. As a bonus you get to ride right seat on a scheduled flight (NICE BEAVER!!!). :stuck_out_tongue: $1,595

Thanks for the input guys…

My initial plan was to get in with a local (NH or ME) outfit so I could stay with their operation renting planes, but that doesn’t seem like an option as mentioned above.

Plan B does open up some fun vacation scenarios, I must admit…

I like the idea of Maule M7’s, but the Cub in Pacific NW would be fun too! I’ll add them to my list of options.

Plus I’d LOVE to get inside a nice Beaver after all these years… It better be worth the $1595 :open_mouth:

I don’t think you could find a nicer Beaver anywhere since they refurb them at their own shop.

I’m not interested in “refurbed” Beavers thank you very much.

Lady’s and Gentleman we’ve reached our cruising altitude of 35000 feet over Wazzu’s head… :smiley:

There are far more refurbished Beavers and old junkers out there than new ones. You can get into a lot of trouble with some of the new ones if you don’t know what you’re doing. I prefer mine to be 20-30 years old but they must be in good shape and polished up a bit.

They own most of the STCs on the “Bev”

I miss the DHC-2