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Does anyone on the board know anything about AZUL AVIATION from somewhere in FL.?
They have made a proposal to a local airport board to supply passenger
and cargo service. I Googled them and found only an air taxi from Brazil.
The airport is KPBX located in the Ky. coal fields.
I am sceptical that can make an operation work even with a subsidy from the Board!
I found out that they are a branch of a 135 outfit called Locair at FLL.
They use Metroliners.


I don’t have knowledge of Azul Aviation.

I checked for “Azul Aviation” in the FAA’s database of aircraft operators at: av-info.faa.gov/OpCert.asp?SrchB … =135&name= and “No operators by that name or doing business with that name were found.” This probably means that Azul Aviation has not yet gained part 135 certification or they have not yet registered their new DBA name.

As for your concern about the ability for an operation to work in your area I refer you to my web site at www.taxijet.com . Click the “more info” button then the “Aviation Pros” button to view research we’ve done on this subject. Business Aviation has been booming in recent years and the trend is expected to continue. New technologies will make point to point travel much more reliable and less expensive in the future.

I can’t speak for Azul Aviation since I don’t know of them but I can say that a rising tide lifts all boats and the tide for business aviation is rising. Each new air carrier operator provides another link in the air taxi chain of availability. Each operator provides more options for travelers and increases overall efficiency of the system. I think it is worth hearing what Azul Aviation has planned.

You can find Locair’s web site at www.locair.net.

If you want to dig a little deeper into the quality of any air carrier operator you may want to check to see if they have been audited by a third party service. For more details see: taxijet.info/Audits.html

Roger Burton
CEO - Taxijet.com