UAL @ RAF Mildenhall


Anyone know why?


The flight he’s talking about is UAL9888.

This is a military charter.


Actually it is the press plane following Pres. Bush during his Euro trip.


UAL must have changed the flight number for the presidental press flight. It use to be UAL9901.


Usually the Military charters fly under “REACH” call sign. Its funny to see USAir and Delta planes show up both using REACH on the radio.


According to the FAA contractions publication, call sign Reach (3 letter code: RCH) is assigned tot he Air Mobility Command (AMC). If US Airways, Delta, Evergreen, et al, file flight plans using their own call sign, how can they also use the “Reach” call sign?


oops, i was supposed to copy the flight # link not the airport lol. i was tired.