flight plan call signs

Why are all the United Express flights and American Eagle flights coming up as UAL and AA flight call signs for ORD?

UAL7656? That’s a 170 so it’s not UAL.

AA3758 is a CRJ700 for AE.


looks like it was a glitch that has been fixed

All? I don’t see any like that on the boards, but lots of SKW/EGF/etc.

If you go to Ord and click on scheduled departures, you can see all the regional flights that have not departed because they have AA call signs or UAL call signs even though they are regional jets. All those flights were listed this morning.

Problem is still there for ORD. Scheduled departures on regional jets are coming up with mainline identifiers.

We believe this is now resolved – thanks!

It’s back. All united regional flights out of ORD are showing up as UAL#### under SCHEDULED DEPARTURES.

Grumble grumble… thanks for the report.

Just trying to help out to make this the best tracking site on the net! :laughing:

I think last time it was our fault, this time it’s the FAA’s.