Military flight showing up?

Why would this show up? Shouldn’t it be blocked?

If you click it you get the:

FlightAware couldn’t find N055146 just yet.


My guess it that is was the " Spirit of Hawaii ". Filed its flight plan using its serial number 05-5139 - 5146. Flightaware would have attached the " N " to the beginning as default.

Must have been a fluke and made it through the system.

link to pic " Spirit of Hawaii "—Ai … 1201620/M/

At first, I thought it might have been Boeing flight testing a C17 but Lancasterperch’s comments make more sense, especially after I checked LAS for the departure of this flight.

Thats what I was thinking, I already got a shot of a sister HH C-17:

Blame the goon filing the fpln. S/he’s put the reg in the ARCID field, and to top it off has added an N to it as well. If I recall correctly from a convo with my FAA contact a while ago, the US fpln system won’t accept ARCIDs starting with a digit so I reckon what’s probably happened is that the system has returned the filed plan back to the originator as an error (because it starts with a digit) and the person has simply stuck an N on the front and resent it.

It most certainly won’t have flown using that as callsign, I can tell you that. In all likelihood it would have been either RCH5146 or a tactical type callsign like ETHYL 71 for example. And yes I do know that is a KC135 callsign before someone says… :smiley:

Maybe the ‘goon’ is a FA member?

Is there a place to find the common call signs? It seems that each group (squadron/wing or whatever) has their own names. McChord uses stuff like Sonic, Chinook and Cascade.

There’s several sites that give military call signs. Use this Google search to find one that you like.

:confused: :confused:

I don’t see any links on your Googls search which answer my question. As if I didn’t Google it before asking the question in the first place.

You seem confused. Maybe the ‘goon’ (A goofy person or a synonym for thug) as you called the American service person and/or civilian contractor, is a member of FlightAware and they wanted to see the flight show up on here.

5th item down when I did the search: … lsgns.html
17th entry down:
1st entry: (when this page opens, hit the “end” key on your keyboard and go to one of the external links)

Here is another site that discusses call signs, etc. … names.html