'Lifeguard' flight display bug affecting Lion Air


I think you may need to alter how your Lifeguard flights display. Check out the BFI scheduled departures. You’ll see flight ‘N101’ showing to depart to Honolulu.

I’m pretty certain that this flight is in the FAA system as ‘LNI01’ (lima novermber india zero one) which is the 3-letter ID for Lion Air.

I believe that something in your scripting is making it think that this is a Lifeguard flight (prefixed by Lima) and is automatically removing that to show the “American” reg, converting the ‘I’ to a ‘1’ in process.

Reading some old topics on the subject of Lifeguard flights I see that you decided to change how they display by automatically removing the ‘L’. It appears that they can’t be searched by their actual callsign either - eg. LN55FN is currently airborne as I’ve just heard it on the radio, but typing that into the tracker turns up nothing, but it finds it okay typing in just the reg (which isn’t the official ARCID).


The code won’t convert an I to a 1; LN101 was the actual ident from the FAA, which was then caught up in our lifeguard code. We also strip leading zeroes from flight numbers in order to make them easier to find.
FYI several flight plans have been filed for LNI1 (PHNL-PKMJ (three times) and PKMJ-WABB) but nothing from KBFI.

LN55FN and TN55FN should both redirect to N55FN in the future (with a note in the activity log about the prefix). For now we strip the L for display and searching but leave the T (and no, I don’t remember why we do it that way).

Thanks for that Mark. It looks like it’s filed using its IATA identifier then, ie. LN101 (like you say), hence I understand now why it’s shown as N101. Pleased to see it’s rectified itself for the remaining legs though. Thanks for clarifying. :slight_smile:

Just out of interest though, neither LN101, LNI1 or LNI101 are coming up in a search on the tracker :open_mouth: . I think something’s broken! :frowning:

LN101 won’t work; you need to go to N101.
LNI1 has filed but not departed.
LNI101 is not an ident we’ve ever heard of.

Sorry LNI101 was an error.

I can’t get LNI1 to show up at all. How are you managing to that? I can now see it listed in the HNL depts and MAJs arrs and deps, but only knew about that since you said so above. Entering LNI1 directly brings up nada. :open_mouth: :confused:

Idents that haven’t ever flown don’t have their own page yet.

I found them looking through the raw data from the FAA when I was trying to figure out where LN101 came from.