Cape Air and New England Air


Hey all. Just wanted to keep the FlightAware guys alert that Cape Air flights (KAP) and New England Airlines flights (NEA) are NOT scheduled as they are on FlightAware. These flights, noticable at EWB, WST, PVD, and most likely other airports served, create a lot of clutter and will NOT operate as they are in FlightAware.

At Cape Air, pilots use their own callsigns and NOT the flight numbers listed on the site. Actual flight numbers were used only for the past 2 weeks when flying to and from MVY due to Obama’s travel. Flights are back to normal now.

I don’t know if it’s possible, but removal of these flights would be great and would greatly reduce clutter.



Cape Air: IATA: 9K. ICAO: KAP. Callsign: Cair.

If they are running as a revenue-generating Cape Air flight, they should be using the company callsign. If not, they are probably repositioning that aircraft, in which they will use the registration of the aircraft…



Pilots use their own personal Cair number for their callsigns. Because pilots change routes each day, no flight’s Cair number (callsign) on the radio. The actual airplane’s flight number and the callsign are different. The SCHEDULED activities that FlightAware has for airports like PVD, EWB, etc, will never show up correctly because the callsign will be different.

The tracking system worked great before each flight was implimented as it is now.

So just to clarify…

Flight Numbers - for passenger booking and operational data (this is what FlightAware THINKS it’s going to track)
Cair Numbers - Pilot’s callsigns (which are filed with the FAA and actually the ones that show up on FlightAware) and what FlightAware used to track very well and probably still does.

So one more time, the Flight Numbers are cluttering the site. The Cair Numbers show up as required when pilots file flight plans and everything was working fairly well until recently.

Any questions, lemme know.


Thanks for the report. It would be nice if they flew under their callsigns because then we could line up the schedule with what is actually flown.

However, they don’t, and there are some other cases where we are cluttering boards with flights that aren’t flown. We are working on a general solution, possibly involving whitelisting flights that we know we get tracking data on. We expect to have a solution in place that will solve most of the problems by the end of next week.



Thanks. Just as a few more examples, PVD, EWB, and BOS. If you click on planes that are Enroute to, it shows a ton of KAP flights. BOS especially is littered with them.