Call-sgn RYAN

Does anyone know who uses call-sign RYAN ? I assume that’s the way it is spelt. I heard that one today from a pilot who corrected his initial call from a REACH call-sign, which would suggest US Military.

The airlines Mark noted use callsign RYAN but I’d have to say if he corrected himself after using callsign REACH at first, it’d almost have to be military.

In the UK/Europe Ryan=Ryanair, a major lo-co operator, based in Southern Ireland…With a fleet of over 220 B737-800’s, it is a trendsetter in new ways to screw the punter…Plans have included; charging to use the toilets…lottery scratchcards…reduced rates for Standing Passengers (true!) and many others. The CEO is also the grandaddy of Pay 2 Fly…whereby 1st Officers without a type rating occupy the right hand seat only after paying a Sponsorship Deal.


not exactly so.

Ryan Air Services Inc. = RYA (ICAO) = Ryan Air (Callsign)
Ryanair = RYR (ICAO) = Ryanair (Callsign)
Ryan International = RYN (ICAO) = Ryan (Callsign)

Source: FAA JO7340.2A

Though, there will be a problem with the callsign, should RYA and RYR ever be in the same airspace at the same time. Highly unlikely, but the situation exists.


Definitely RYN if he mentioned Reach. The vast majority of RYN ops are for the USAF. If you ever listen to the NAT oceanic frequencies you’ll hear tons of them.

I don’t see how that could be. Once again, from the 7340.2A:


EDIT: Also to note, Ryan International is a charter company, but they also to run flights for Funjet Vacations, so it isn’t always something military related. If they mentioned Reach, AMC was definitely involved.


Or it could just be that the guy on the radio flies for the Guard or Reserve and flubbed the callsign… It’s been know to happen

“Center, Herk 4-1…correction, Ryanair 311…” :laughing:

As a side note, any AMC a/c on a deployment mission uses “Reach”, not just Guard/Reserve.

You can quote your publications all you want but I can 100% assure you that the “Ryan” asked about by the OP is Ryan International. The other 2 Ryanair’s quoted don’t have anything to do with the USAF whereas Ryan Intl do tons of CRAF charters for them and they regularly fly using Reach callsigns.

If you still don’t believe me then can I suggest instead of arguing with me that you do some research yourself, such as keying in the various Ryan Intl a/c registrations into and looking at the callsigns of the flights that come back in the results. 90% of them use RCH callsigns.

Subject closed.

Subject closed.

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Rob… You’re a member of FA. :smiley:

Because often military charters will fly in on their companies callsign and fly out as a RCH or vice versa. If the pilots previous leg was as a RCH then it’s easy to see how he could have started to call himself Reach.

I hear that a lot with the frax guys… They came in as ExecJet, leaving as, say, 315QS or what have you.
As far as the Reach callsign, only time I ever heard that was when I took THIS PIC lol

I would gladly pay to use a toilet on a $20 flight than be given access for free on a $150 flight. More power to Ryan Air - if these additional and optional fees allow Ryan Air to turn a profit while offering bargain pricing, then I am all for it!

What do you think I just did? My source is the bloody FEDERAL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION. So I’m supposed to believe YOU over the governing body of this country’s aviation. Good luck with that mindset. :unamused:

And if you notice, all of those that are using Reach for their callsign are doing it as MILITARY aircraft. Ryan International does more than just military charters you know (oh wait, you don’t).

How about this. Since you effectively just agreed with everything I said (as my post was in response to PhalconPhixer and not the OP), you may want to re-read the thread and actually follow it, before thinking that someone is in the wrong.


Is this the “because I said so” you were referring to in the other thread Will?

Thanks for all the info, guys, but crikey, I didnt expect such a heated debate !!


Nice to see that you aren’t mature enough to argue a decent issue. Should have figured as much. To paraphrase Prince, you’re welcome to try again when you act your age and not your shoe size.

And to quote you, Subject Closed.