Avantair gets Callsign


Avantair must have just gotten an FAA callsign. All avantair flights used to go by N number, like N136SL, but are now using “Avantair” like “Avantair 136” (heard them yesterday in Hyannis). The flight number is VNR136, but FlightAware is showing VNR as Wanair (French Polynesia). Searching my “SL” N-number will no longer work, it appears that all avantair flights, not just pax legs, are using the callsign. (which is unusual since netjets, citationshares, flexjet, etc, only use the callsign when it’s a “program” leg. Empty flights whould use “QS”, “CS”, and “FX” respectively.


Thanks for the info.




I’m not 100% sure of that. NetJets uses EJA690 for N690QS even on repositioning flights. For example N690QS shows it’s last flight as 4/3/07. I know for a fact it’s flown non-revlegs since then. And N135FX shows a flight in 2005. I’m sure he’s repostioned since then also. Now international flights are a different story. In fact in the sim we use EJA690, and when we do repo 'flights" the crews don’t correct us.

Maybe not the best comparisson, but when I flew for AirNet “Starcheck” I used my Starcheck call sign on non rev legs also. In 3 years I never used the N number.


It’s my understanding NetJets use the N# for international flight and all flights of their GIVs, GVs and BBJs.


You are correct sir


There was a flight today (29 April), VNR15 flown by an Astra. When did Avantair start using an Astra?


According to airlinepilotcentral.com they have Piaggio: 32
Astra: 1 and 58 Piaggios on order and order placed for 20 Phenom 100 very light jets.


Do you know a guy by the name of Chris Faminao. I think thats how you spell his last name??


All BBJs and Gulfstreams at NetJets are actually operated by an entirely separate company, NetJets International. While they share a name and ownership, they are separate companies. Go figure. This is why you don’t see the “NetJets” callsign on these aircraft. It’s not their company.


I fly for shares, all flight (empty or full) use “fivestar###”, with ### the tailnumber.


I was wrong. :blush:


[ ]FAA Preliminary Report](http://www.faa.gov/data_statistics/accident_incident/preliminary_data/events01/media/08_103SL.txt) Avantair P180 lands gear up at Teterboro after aircraft reported it could not extend main gear.

[ ]FAA registry](http://registry.faa.gov/aircraftinquiry/mmsinqSQL.asp?mmstxt=6960204&statetxt=MA)P180’s in Avantair’s fleet.[ ]New one’s on the way?](http://registry.faa.gov/aircraftinquiry/mmsinqSQL.asp?mmstxt=6960206&statetxt=FL)


Happened at HPN, not TEB.


Used to fly Toronto to Teterboro alot, and even though I read it was at White Plains, I still typed in Teterboro???


Is Avantair planning on growing?


[ ]Active Registrations](http://www.laasdata.com/turbos/ctowctry.php?t=Piaggio%20P180%20Avanti&nnum=23&c=)of worldwide fleet of P180’s updated monthly.

At my local airport, Buttonville, north of Toronto - we have 1. In Canada 1 is a big number!!! (pretty sad!). [ ] C-GBCI](http://www.airliners.net/open.file/1098516/L/) it was actually reregisterd last week to C-GPDJ, and sold to another owner at Buttonville, it replaced a Pilatus PC-12. Hopefully they will buy some more!

Here is a Kool P180 [ N23RF ] ](http://www.airliners.net/open.file/1146519/L/).


Re: the Avantair gear up incident

It was mighty nice of him to go ahead and perform a gear up landing at HPN, rather than fly the 10 minutes up to SWF(Stewart/Newburgh, NY) where there is a 12,000’ runway (well, 11,818’) and next to no traffic. Best part is that he came to rest at the intersection of the 2 runways! If you’re gonna bend some metal, at least think of options that might help you and lessen the impact on operations in busy, busy airspace.


#1. No, if I have an emergency, I don’t give a crap about Mr and Mrs Thurston Howell being delayed for their hoity toity party in Palm Beach.
#2. Is the airplane at HPN already? yes. Does HPN have crash rescue? Yes. Does HPN have a runway whose width, length, and availability to support an emergency operation? Yes.
#3. I’m sure they DID think of options. I’m sure they thought of almost all options and chose the one that was most appropriate for their situation.
#4. It’s “mighty nice” (your words) of you to second guess the choices and actions of the crew without knowing the details. Neither you nor I know all of the details concerning this incident and what they had to work with. We don’t know how much fuel they had. We don’t know what the situation was with the gear or any other systems on the aircraft. They might not have known if one or more of the gear was hanging or leaking hydraulic fluid or anything. (hydraulic fluid is used for nosewheel steering as well)
#5. I think most professional pilots would agree that they did the right thing. The important thing is to ensure your safety and the safety of others on the ground. I call it a picture perfect gear up landing.


New to the forum (but not aviation). Here, here cfijames! All of the above, and well said.