This NetJets aircraft was spotted yesterday(12/26) on the ramp at KSEA. Looking at the flight record its last recorded flight was to Wilmington, DE on 12/18. This begs the question of how it got from KILM to KSEA (and probably not directly I would presume) without having filed an IFR flight plan in between 12/18 and 12/26.


Netjets and other charter/fractional operators often use N-numbers (sometimes prefixed with a T for air taxi) when outside the US and their airline code when inside the US. So to see all flights for N900QS, you need to look at the pages for N900QS, TN900QS, and EJA900.


It operated under the call sign EJA900: flightaware.com/live/flight/EJA900/history

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