NetJets Question - "P"


I’ve started noticing that a good number of NetJets flights are putting a “P” at the end of their flight numbers. Here are a few examples:

Any ideas what this is all about? Just curious.


I noticed that (at least the flights mentioned above) have had the “P” suffixed only since 7 May. Perhaps they have a new procedure where “P” is added to the flight number if the flight is being repositioned.


Could there be the chance that another NetJet flight is in the air at the same time as the ones mentioned? There can’t be two flights with the same flight number/callsign in the air at the same time, so a letter may be appended to the flight to differentiate between the two…



Not really. NetJets uses the digits in the registration as the flight number. All NetJets aircraft end in “QS” so it wouldn’t be possible to have two NetJets flights with the same flight number.

I looked at EJA695P again. The flights begin on 7 May with a filght from PDK to TEB (departed PDK at 1137). EJA695 (no P)’'s last flight was also on 7 May with a flight from 27K to PDK (arrival: 0939). I’m 99.999999999999% sure 695 and 695P is the same aircraft.


What do you mean by registration number?


AKA the “N-Number”.
If a NetJets aircraft registration is N920QS, its flight number will be EJA920.


gotcha, didn’t know if he meant the actual serial number of the aircraft.


What Needlenose said.

I actually prefer the more generic term “registration” than “N-number” because only USA aircraft have N numbers.

As a spotter and production list junkie, I also prefer the more correct term “construction number” rather than “serial number.”


Definitely positioning flights, although it’s odd they’ve started doing this since they used to just use the “tail number” for reposition flights.

Wait… I guess “tail number” isn’t quite accurate either since it’s painted on the engines? Dang. :smiley:


Well, it’s in the tail area

After looking some more at these flights, I’m not sure if they are positioning flights unless NetJets doesn’t know where it wants to position its aircraft.

Each flight with the suffix “P” I’ve looked at are operating several flights a day. It wouldn’t make sense to have that many positioning flights in a day.


Duh! You’re right. It didn’t dawn on me that ALL those routes had the “P” extension, I was thinking it was just the last one displayed.

No idea what the P is for.


P = pink-slipped

Noted in the ident so ATC won’t route them offshore or outside the US.


Thanks Mark! That would have driven me nuts trying to figure out… :smiley:


Pink Slipped as in the pilots are being laid off and NetJets wants the pilots to stay in-country?


You mean they got fired? …and just when the economy is starting to turn around. :smiling_imp:

I’m guessing the aircraft is being sold or repossessed…


As in, the aircraft got pink-slipped, not the pilots?



If the pilots were being fired, I doubt all those aircraft would’ve made it to their destination safely.


Maybe their pilots are whipped.


If the aircraft has a pink temporary registration it cannot be operated outside the continental US (there are a few exceptions). Any time any one of the owners is added, changed, or removed from any of the aircraft registrations the aircraft is supplied with a new temp certificate.


FYI, it takes less than 10 hours from closing to get a telex “flywire” from Ok city. You can fly internation as long as that fly wire has not expired and it accompanies the pink slip. Don’t forget they don’t work SAT, SUN.

P- or any other letter designation behind the flight call number is usually a “dual” airframe attack of the same flight. I.E. wx delays CO4xx from EWR to IAH but another airframe pics up IAH-LAX CO4xxP to maintain system integrity. Letter assigned by ATC. All three letter operators qualify.