Bedford MA P180


I’ve been cruising the pictures and noticed there are a surprising number of P180’s with tail numbers ending in “SL” so I did some digging and found that almost all of the "SL"s are registered to a few different companies in Bedford Massachusets. I dont make it to that half of the country very often and am “out of the loop”

Anyone care to shed some light on the SL enigma? CFIJames you have anything to share???


It would be safe to assume that a P180 with a N***SL is an Avantair aircraft. They also have one that is N395KT but they usually operate under a flight number starting with VNR (ex vnr163)


As Rob noted they’re Avantair fractional ownership aircraft. Avantair is the primary operator of P180s in the US and is actively adding to their 59 aircraft fleet.

CFIJames probably would have answered but he’s busy in the left seat of VNR163 (and others) this week.


That was my first thought, but Avantair is regisered in Fairfield NJ…


Yes, but many of the individual aircraft ownerships are handled through corporations registered in Bedford.

Like almost all fractional operators Avantair doesn’t own most of the aircraft they manage. So while Avantair is incorporated in Fairfield, NJ, they’re headquartered in Clearwater, FL (KPIE) with maintenance facilities in KCDW and KCMA, and their individual aircraft can be registered in many other locations.


Ah ha, :bulb:

Im not very familiar with 135 and fractional ops. Ive only ever flown Part 91. makes sense though