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I was checking the Indians charter from PHX to IAH was UA 1801 but does not show up on this site or UA flight status. I can’t see any UA MLB charters at all positioning for this season. I thought maybe they are using a different airline not on this site no charters the past 2 days PHX-IAH.
I know a request can be made to keep flights off flight tracking buy why would they need to due this.

Why are you only looking at 1 flight number?
flightaware.com/live/flight/UAL2 … /KPHX/KIAH

Commercial airlines don’t do this.

Thanks you answered my post on Flyer Talk. Someone will have to update the MLB charter post on this site. Will the Indians always be 2206.
One difference is the UA 1800 flight would show if you plugged this in on flight status on the UA site but now same as doing a city pair request for charters, does not come up.

Your thread title gave me flashbacks to this thread.

All those famous old screen names!!!